Kawartha Cloth

About Us

I started cloth diapering with my first child from birth with second- hand cloth diapers and enjoyed the benefits that came with it. When my second child was born I came across Kawartha Cloth in my search to upgrade my diapers. The cuteness of the diaper; the fact that the same diaper could be used on both my children; and the great price led me to purchasing these diapers. I have not been disappointed. I am glad to be able to provide a product for other moms like me who are interested in cloth diapering their babies.

Kawartha Cloth was started by a mom of twoShe started cloth diapering her second child and wished that she had started earlier but was uneducated about cloth diapers.  Her first few cloth diaper experiences didn't turn out very well as they leaked, took forever to dry and were expensive.  She finally found a good cloth diaper at a great price, that actually worked and wanted to help other parents new (and seasoned) to cloth diapering.  So Kawartha Cloth was born!