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Quotes After trying out so many different diapers over course of cloth diapering our 4 children I thought I'd tried everything there was. So when I first heard about Kawartha Cloth, and saw the reasonable price, I thought for sure I'd be getting a less than great diaper based on price alone. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to be proven wrong! We fell in love with the one size pocket diapers, and I knew as soon as the Bamboo came out we had to try them too. We love the feel of the diaper, and from the moment we introduced it to our daughter, it has been her go to pick every morning! We love how absorbent and non-bulky it is - this diaper truly ranks right up there with others we have that I paid over double the price for. Great Value! Quotes

Quotes I had the pleasure of testing dozens of different cloth diaper styles from several brands and Kawartha Cloth certainly made the cut. The great price point (unmatched, actually) and the generous fit plus some serious leak protection made this brand a standout. Trish from Kawartha Cloth is a fountain of cloth diapering knowledge and I used many of her tips in my cloth diaper blog post: http://www.mommygearest.com/2012/11/18/cloth-diapers-how-to-comparison-chart/. I am a disposable diaper convert, thanks in large part to Kawartha Cloth! Quotes
Mommy Gearest

Quotes I was super impressed by this cloth diaper. It fit my daughter great and was super cute (she loved the bright colours). I also liked how dry it kept her while being super absorbent. See my blog for more about what I liked about this diaper: http://www.thekoalabearwriter.com/2012/11/kawartha-cloth-diaper-review-giveaway.html. Quotes
Bonnie Way aka The Koala Bear Writer
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Quotes I loved my dino wipes check out my review http://www.mommysblockparty.com/2012/10/kawartha-cloth-review.html?m=1 Quotes
Erin B
Reviewer for Mommy's Block Party

Quotes I was frustrated with the cost of disposable diapers not to mention battling constant diaper rashes so I was happy to have found Kawartha Cloth. I was not disappointed with my first Cloth diaper Experience thanks to Kawartha Cloth! Check out my full review here: http://www.frugalmomeh.com/2012/09/fluff-fridays-kawartha-cloth-delivers.html Quotes
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Quotes Our Little ones are loving their litter-less lunched. Mama was surprised how easy the Reusable Snack Bag's were to wash, I simply just turn them inside out add a bit of soap and wipe them down. I was also surprised they held no funky scents; I haven?t found them to stain either. They have been such a hit we will be busying another few so all the kiddies got a set! Review what R little reviewer thinks, http://inrdream.com/2012/09/join-kawartha-cloth-help-mother-nature.html Quotes
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Quotes I have been cloth diapering for over two years. I have tried MANY brands and styles. I recently tried a Kawartha Cloth diaper for the first time and I was not disappointed! Although Kawartha Cloth diapers are less expensive than the rest, they are still as good as the rest, and even better! My Kawartha Cloth diaper has had no leaks and has now been ranked "awesome night time/ nap time diaper"! I would recommend these diaper to any one starting out since the price is so affordable. For all experienced cloth diapering mamas, if you haven't tried Kawartha Cloth, you are missing out! You can read my detailed review here: http://green-mama-jama.blogspot.com/2012/08/kawartha-cloth-one-sized-pocket-diaper.html Quotes
Jessi Greenmamajama

Quotes My son was allergic to all Pamper type daepirs. The first month, I had diaper service. Was glad to get feeling better so I could do my own. They do get a bit expensive. He had a real sensitive bottom (and top).lol I just made sure he had plenty of cloth daepirs and I changed him every time he did anything in his pants. He never even sat with a wet diaper. His skin was to sensitive to take a chance, Besides, I would not have wanted to wear one, why should he?By the time he was walking he wanted to go to his pot. I just showed it to him and let him set on it. He told me when he was ready to use it.Cloth daepirs are a bit of work but It was much better I think.Just make sure you get them washed and rinsed really good. I washed in really hot water twice, and I rinsed them in warm water, twice. I used one of the old fashioned wringer washers.It was a trip!! Quotes

Quotes i love kawartha cloth diapers. check out my review here. http://curlygirlbraidsandmore.blogspot.com/2012/06/kawartha-cloth-diaper-review.html Quotes
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Quotes It can get ownvrhelmieg! I think the biggest thing to remember is not to prep natural fibers and microfiber together...other than that, it really comes down to opinion :) Quotes
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