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Quotes I really like how cute my granddaughter looks in her love minky diaper and all of her other diapers. I have changed her and they are just as easy as disposables and cheaper in the long run. A loving grandma. Quotes

Quotes I love these diapers! My little one has not leaked poop. They work great overnight, he hasn't leaked once which is awesome. They are super soft on his bum and look great. The price is also way cheaper than any other brand I have looked at. All in all I highly recommend these to all moms. Quotes
loving cloth diapers

Quotes I have tried 3 other kinds of cloth diapers and the test for me is always "Do they leak at night?". I want a diaper that I can use both during the day and at night so I don't have to spend money on disposables or stripe my childs bed every morning. So I ordered a few of these to try. I was very surprised because THEY WORK AT NIGHT! I will be buying more! Quotes
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