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About Eco Sprout

Eco Sprout was started by a WAHD, that's right a work at home dad who was looking for a cloth diaper detergent that was great for not just cloth diapers, but for the entire family's laundry. 

Frustrated by trying various detergent over and over, nothing ever seemed to kick the ammonia smell, both on the cloth diapers and in the pail!  All the usual remedies were tried, baking soda, vinegar, special products made just for the ammonia, pail scents, you name it!  It just got to be overwhelming.  There had to be a way to just use one product and simplify the washing process. 

Once that thought entered his head the research began.  It wasn't easy, he wanted something that was environmentally friendly, biodegradable and 100% natural.  But it had to work!  It had to CLEAN the cloth diapers too.  After months of trial and research he finally did it!  Came up with the perfect balance that resulted in clean cloth diapers, derived from natural ingredients, 100% bio-degradable and kicked the ammonia smell. 

Samples were sent out, family and friends began to use the product and the word got out.  Soon thereafter, Eco Sprout was born! 

Eco Sprout is a small family run company with complete attention to quality control.  Each batch of Eco Sprout is handmade and mixed, ensuring a pure batch.  Eco Sprout wants families to know that small changes can make a big difference!  Changing to an all natural detergent that is highly concentrated limits waste.  Less is more and all of that . . .

Eco Sprout will continue to strive to provide earth friendly products that are natural and safe and will help families go green from the ground up!

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