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Eco Sprout FAQ

What types of water does Eco Sprout work in?

Eco Sprout detergent works in all water types, including hard and soft water!  If you have hard water you might have to use a little more detergent, start with the recommended amount first and adjust as needed.  If you have soft water, use a little less than the recommended amount and adjust as needed.  It may take a few tries to get the amounts just right based on your particular washing routine. 

Can I wash anything in Eco Sprout?

Yes!  Eco Sprout is not only safe for cloth diapers, but for all your family's laundry.  Need to get out a stubborn stain?  Just soak in Eco Sprout!  Because our detergent is highly concentrated you use much less detergent for a normal size load than most other brands, so our bag goes a long way!

Can I use Eco Sprout in an HE machine?

You sure can!  Eco Sprout is safe for all HE machines, the trick is figuring out the perfect washing routine for cloth diapers.

When you open the lid to a top loader, you can easily see your cloth diapers swimming around in a full machine of water.  When you look into an HE machine, chances are you will see little to no sloshing water.  That's because HE machines are designed to use less water and cloth diapers are super absorbent!  When you combine the two, your cloth diapers are going to soak up a lot of the water that goes into the machine, rather than using it to wash the cloth diapers.  So here is what you do:

-  Load cloth diapers into the washer, then run a rinse and spin cycle, pre-wash or soak cycle in cold water first.  Choose NO SPIN if you have an option.  This will saturate the cloth diapers and help remove some of the soil.

-  Next step is to add the detergent and run a hot wash with a second rinse*.

-  *If cloth diapers are extremely soiled, you can also add some detergent to the first soak cycle.

Yuck! I can't stand the smell, can Eco Sprout help?

Yes!  Eco Sprout is designed to be a deep cleaning detergent and will work at pulling out built-up residues and soap left behind in your cloth diapers that commonly cause the dreaded ammonia stink.  To get your cloth diapers super clean follow the directions for a first time user (when switching from another detergent) by doing a soak.

Are Eco Sprout ingredients safe for cloth diapers?

Yes, they sure are!  Eco Sprout uses only 100% all natural ingredients in their detergent.  Eco Sprout detergent is free from dyes, brighteners, enzymes, phosphates and is completely biodegradable.  Their scented detergent does contain essential oil, but the amount is negligible and it washes out in the laundering process. 

Will Eco Sprout scented detergent harm my cloth diapers?

Eco Sprout uses only natural essential oils of the highest grade in their detergent.  The amount of oils used in each batch is just enough to give you the great scents you love without being over-powerful.  The oil also rinses out through the washing process so it does not leave a residue or harm your cloth diapers.

My cloth diapers still stink, what's wrong?

Eco Sprout is highly concentrated.  While your cloth diapers are soaking, the detergent is working hard to remove old build-up, residues and minerals deep within the cloth diapers.  Many times it only takes one soak to get your cloth diapers squeaky clean.  However, depending on your water, previous wash routine, detergent used and how bad the build up is, it might actually take an additional soak to truly de-funk your cloth diapers. 

Sometimes your cloth diapers might even smell worse after your first Eco Sprout soak!  That is normal.  It is not the detergent that is making the cloth diapers smell bad, it is all the old grime coming to the surface of your cloth diapers.  If this happens, do a second soak and follow up with several HOT water washes with NO detergent.  This ensures you are really rinsing out your cloth diapers.

Important note:  If you have soft water, you need to use less Eco Sprout detergent, both for the soak and the normal wash routine.  Soft water makes soap hard to rinse away, so often times soft water can lead to a quicker build-up of detergent.

The more you use Eco Sprout the better your cloth diapers will get!  After a few washes you will love your squeaky clean, fresh smelling cloth diapers. 

You also need to make sure you are getting enough water through your cloth diapers when washing.  Make sure you use the highest water setting and are doing a pre-soak or wash cycle.  Also, be sure to always add a second rinse!

What's with the smell and what is causing it?

Smells (like ammonia) are caused by residues left in the cloth diapers.  This is usually directly related to your washing routine and the amount of detergent you are using.  Eco Sprout works exceptionally well to remove these residues, but many parents still want to know WHAT is causing the smell.

My baby has sensitive skin, can I still use Eco Sprout?

Yes.  Eco Sprout is designed to be gentle.  Keep in mind, however, that every child is different and reactions/rashes can still occur.  This is most common when switching from one detergent to another.  Since detergents are made up from different ingredients they can "battle" inside the cloth diaper and work against you.  Eco Sprout will bring old residues to the surface and sometimes this can irritate baby's skin.  This is one of the reasons we recommend a first time soak when switching from another brand.  We also recommend running a few HOT washes through your cloth diapers with NO detergent after you have completed your soak.  This ensures that you are getting your cloth diapers squeaky clean!  *If you are still worried about your child's sensitivity, start out using less detergent and adjust as necessary or try the unscented version:  In The Buff.

What are the ingredients in Eco Sprout?

Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, water softeners, natural and biodegradable surfactants.  (Essential oils in the scented formulas.)